About Us

Little Brother Books is the UK’s number 1 Annual publisher.

We are a family run business/independent publisher who pride ourselves on publishing the No1 Children’s Annuals range on the market (a position we have held since 2018) with over 1.2 million copies sold each year from less than 20 titles published! As well as Annuals, we also publish seasonal ‘Fun, Play & Learn’ ranges, picture books, educational titles and ‘novelty’ formats. We partner with many of the biggest/hottest brands around to offer titles that appeal from pre-schoolers to young adults.  Our titles are full of fun and on-trend content, including short stories; character profiles, interviews; puzzles; quizzes, colouring, hints & tips, latest news and much more, to keep the reader entertained for hours.

Little Brother Books is a dynamic company with a team of highly skilled professionals who have gained their experience from working in the books and licensing industries for many years. Since starting the company in 2016 we are delighted with the leading category success we have achieved so far and we plan to continue this growth trajectory into new categories and formats going forward.